Property Management Services

Our experience as estate managers support us, more than 20 years of dedication to your service with honesty and professionalism always marked as the main objective.

Rental management

  • We manage the rental of your property and its tenants from demanding way and with absolute control.
  • Selection process and solvency guarantee study of tenants.
  • Rent control and preparation of inventories in case of furnished accommodation .
  • State control at the end of the contract, supplies control, and inventory certified reports if that’s the case.
  • Deposit service and recovery of bail in the INCASOL. 
  • We manage the collection of rent.
  • Unpaid rent insurance and legal defense.
  • Incident management of the property with the possibility of providing the appropriate technicians to solve or repairs that may arise. 
  • Control of the renewal of contracts and impact or updates of the rent